Raft Franklin River

Australias best whitewater rafting experience.

We live in a time where we are constantly on the go – phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook, meetings and non-stop commitments…

We would like to invite you to leave that all behind for 10 days…10 extraordinary days on the iconic Franklin River.

Our Franklin River Rafting trip is a true commercial river adventure in one of the worlds most remote and awe-inspiring wilderness areas.

This once in a lifetime experience has the capacity to affect our guests in magical ways. Lose yourself in the pristine water and landscapes of the mighty Franklin River…


Our Franklin River Rafting Trip is a real adventure in Tassies spectacular Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, World Heritage Area. It is 110km of rafting immersed in immeasurable natural beauty, breathtaking ravines, awesome rapids and the freshest, purest water on Earth. If weather and conditions permit we offer an optional day trek from the river to Frenchman’s Cap – one of Tasmania’s most iconic mountain hikes some 1445m above sea level!

Adventure – definition as per Webster dictionary

  • A remarkable occurrence; a striking event; a stirring incident; as, the adventures of one’s life.
  • A wild and exciting undertaking

The Franklin River (and weather) can vary greatly from day to day – there may be times on the river when water levels come up and we may have to stay in camp for a day or 2 until it drops. Other times, the water level may get quite low and this means that we have to walk around or over certain parts of the river – this can make for some physical days on our journey. But the reality is we just never quite know how the river is feeling until we are there and on it. That being the case…adaptability is the key!

We will always have a minimum of 2 rafts with a guide in each with gear and up to 5 guests. There will be times when we have to walk around certain rapids (portaging) and this means we will all be lugging gear over rocks etc and this can sometimes be hard work for a few hours at a time. The Franklin is a true expedition adventure and it’s one of those journeys where being part of a close knit group and a bit of hard yakka is all part of the magic.

You don’t need paddling experience as such, but you will need some general fitness and the ability to work within a team will also be an asset. If you’re thinking ‘I’m not sure if I’m up to a Franklin Expedition?’ then please remember we have had clients ranging between 16 to 78 years old and they all found their own way to meet the challenges the Franklin poses. It’s important to remember, out on the river we are team and we always work together.

We promise you won’t go hungry and will be unexpectedly surprised at the yummy feasts that can be whipped up on the river bank. Chicken and cashew stirfry, sushi, Atlantic salmon, hot cooked breakfasts and cheesecake all feature on our menu. We make every effort to use our very own home grown or local Tasmanian produce.

All meals, snacks and drinks (excluding alcohol), including all cooking equipment and eating utensils, are provided from lunch on day one to lunch on the last day. We can cater for most dietary requirements, for example vegetarians, gluten intolerant etc. If you have a dietary requirement please let us know when you book. If you are unsure, please contact us to discuss.

We recommend you have a light snack prior to pick up in Hobart on day one as we do not supply breakfast on the first day. We will however have a quick stop enroute to the river where you can purchase a light snack and we also supply lunch after your arrival at the Collingwood Bridge put in.

You are welcome to bring along alcohol for the trip, but please decant the alcohol in to plastic bottles/containers prior to our departure. Alcohol can be stored in a safe place on the raft, so it doesn’t have to be stored in your personal gear bag.

Sleeping on the Franklin usually means camping protected under a group tarp. It’s important that you have a good sleeping mat (thermarest etc.) and sleeping bag.

If you are not keen on sleeping next to others then you are welcome to bring a small, lightweight tent and we may find a spot at some of the campsites – but this cannot be guaranteed.

It doesn’t get any better than sleeping under the stars with the melodic sounds of rushing water to lull you to sleep.

Please Note: It is extremely important to ensure you have the correct clothing and equipment for your Franklin Adventure.  You will be in a wilderness environment for 10 days and having the incorrect gear could result in serious discomfort and/or injury. Also keep in mind, you will have limited space to store your personal gear – it all has to fit in a 70 litre Dry Bag.

Here is a checklist for you to print off to ensure you bring along everything you need. 

The remoteness of a Franklin River expedition is part of what makes it a great adventure, but it also means that we need to be very careful that everyone is prepared for the unexpected. Please be sure to let us know if you are taking any medication and please include an extra supply, packed separately, just in case. It is also important that you let us know if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries. Our supplies of non-prescription medications are limited. If this is a concern, feel free to bring your own.

All Wild Journeys trip leaders hold a swift water rescue and wilderness first aid qualification. We carry an extensive first aid kit, PLB (personal locator beacon), GPS and satellite phone in case of emergencies.

We always run the expedition with a minimum of two rafts, obviously with a qualified guide on each raft.

In the unlikely event that we have to call a rescue helicopter the following should be noted:

Tasmanian Residents: The Tasmanian government waives the accounts for Tasmanian residents who require ambulance transport within Tasmania and its islands when third party payment is not available.

Mainland Residents: All mainland and overseas visitors to Tasmania will receive an invoice from Ambulance Tasmania for ambulance transport.

If you live in Queensland or South Australia and hold ambulance cover, your applicable ambulance service will pay the invoice if you present them with appropriate proof. Your private health fund may also pay some or all of the invoice. If you live in any other state or territory (i.e. not Queensland or South Australia) and you hold ambulance cover, forward your Ambulance Tasmania invoice to your ambulance cover provider and ask them to write to the Tasmanian Ambulance service on your behalf with membership details and they may withdraw the invoice.

The dynamic weather is one of the many attractions of this unique World Heritage Area. Daytime summer temperatures can range from 10° to 35°c and at least one day of rain or drizzle is to be expected; evening temperatures regularly drop below 10°c. In this moist river environment, the weather can turn very quickly and we could be hit with rain or even snow – though this is rare. Some days it may be raining and cold, whilst others filled with bright sunshine and warmth. The reality is, we just never really know – sometimes even the weather forecasts get it wrong. Follow our gear list and you will be comfortable and prepared to enjoy the many variations of weather we may encounter.

The Franklin River is a true wilderness area. Whilst it is unusual, delays can occur on the river as a result of water levels quickly rising necessitating a stay in camp for a day or 2 until the levels drop. Due to potential uncertainty of the river we highly recommend participants do not arrange onward travel for at least 24 hours after our scheduled finish time.